Customized editorial services for writers, agents, and publishers

Whether your goal is to develop a proposal to submit to agents, polish up a manuscript for self-publishing, or find an outside collaborator to help your client meet a publisher's deadline, I’ll work closely with you to find what is most compelling and powerful about your book or idea, and build on those strengths to make your work the best it can be.



A broad evaluation of a complete (or nearly complete) manuscript or proposal, for those looking for a second opinion from a trained reader. I will read your work and, in a written memo or phone call, highlight its strengths and weaknesses, suggest general edits, and, if applicable, give you my take on its viability in the marketplace. 


A thorough read of a manuscript (complete or partial) with page-level comments, accompanied by a detailed editorial memo highlighting strengths/weaknesses and offering specific editorial suggestions, which we can discuss in a phone call. A developmental edit addresses the foundations of a manuscript: plot, characters, tone, organizational structure, narrative arc, incorporation of research, etc.


A close read with detailed in-line edits, for manuscripts that are fundamentally cohesive, but could use some polishing. Line edits often do not require a separate editorial memo.   


Revision, restructuring, and/or rewriting for manuscripts that have gone off course and need considerably more attention. 


Refining your book idea and putting together a compelling proposal to submit to agents. I’ll work with you to hone your concept and craft the right pitch to display the book’s most compelling aspects, brainstorm ideas and help you organize and outline the content, edit sample chapters, and help you define the book’s market.


After 15 years of advocating for authors inside and outside the walls of a publishing house, I’ve gained valuable insights on all stages and aspects of the publishing process, and can advise on matters such as finding an agent, deciding whether to self-publish, finding the most compelling and marketable aspects of your book to highlight in a query letter, and whatever you’re curious about.


As a native Italian speaker and a near-fluent French speaker with experience acquiring and publishing translations for the American market, I offer American publishers and agents reader’s reports on books written in French and Italian, as well as edits/analyses of translations in progress (useful if an in-house editor does not read the language). 

For Italian and French publishers I will edit (or write) sample English translations, and write synopses and marketing materials for titles they wish to submit to American publishers. 


Rates are negotiable, and tailored to the type of work required and turnaround time. Before sending you a quote, I’ll ask to see a sample of the work. I may then propose an hourly rate, or a flat fee based on the estimated number of hours the work will take.